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TelStream Mediation collects native usage data from multiple sources and normalises these into a structured usage database for consumption by "downstream" billing processes such as TelStream (or suitable third-party products). TelStream Mediation is fast and flexible, catering for a wide variety of data formats. The TelStream Mediation server can be run on-premises or in the cloud.

Multiple collection technologies and advanced programmable data stream decodes make it easy to collect data from multiple switches and diverse sources. Land line, radio, mobile, fixed cellular, satellite, Internet, Telex, telegram and a variety of emerging technologies are easily assimilated into a unified database of calls and events. There’s no “hard coding” or programming required - you have complete charge of the decode process using the tools provided.

TelStream Mediation has the following major features:

  • Multiple data sources of multiple types and formats
  • Collection real-time or batched
  • Simple or complex data formats including "binary" data
  • Feature-rich and flexible decoding rules engine
  • Very fast decoding engine handles large data volumes
  • Extensive data management and reporting features
  • Network Interface to external billing systems, real-time or batched

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Supported Platforms

UNIX Cloud-based or on-premises; Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS and most other major versions

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